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Ride.   Revolt.   Repeat.

A Spectre is haunting America — 

The spectre of CYCLING.

All the powers of old America have entered into a holy alliance to exorcise this spectre. Squares and stiffs. Fools and fogies. Creeps and cronies.

And where they see the bicycle as a toy, we see it as a tool for REVOLUTION.

We firmly believe that riding a bike is a revolutionary act with the possibility to transform everything.

It can change your body - building strength and increasing fitness - Boosting confidence (and humility). 

It can change the environment - Reducing greenhouse emissions and improving air quality. 

It can change perceptions - Encouraging healthy lifestyles and smart city planning… Creating an entire paradigm shift in what we want and what we think is possible.

Yeah, we have an agenda. To turn as many people as possible on to the simple, elegant, POWERFUL act that is riding a bike.

So whether your legs are freshly razor-burned or furry like bear… stand with us, fists raised.


Why Us?

Excellent question, and best answered via a super sexy interpretive dance about class war, consumerism, and the fleeting triumph of love. But the short answer is: “We’re not dicks.”

We’ve been doing this for over 20 years (yikes!), and yeah, we know what we like. But more than anything, we want to get you out there on what YOU need.

We’re boutique, but not boojie. Small but extremely well stocked, with a carefully curated inventory of bikes, bags, parts, nutrition, and accessories that we don’t just sell… WE USE!

And as Werner Herzog famously said, “If you could milk passion out of the ether and mold it into everything you hoped a bicycle shop could be, that would likely be Revolution Cycles.”

Ok… we maybe made that up. The point is we’re passionate about what we do and that bleeds into everything we touch. But not in a gross way. Maybe a little. IDK. What?


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